Simple note taking for Android

Stay organized and have fun with HyperNotes. Your input is automatically categorized!

HyperNotes is a fresh app for Android smartphones and tablets which allows you to write quick notes, capture and organize your thoughts and ideas, create lists and photodiaries.

Text Content Recognition

HyperNotes categorizes your notes! Write in one place only – HyperNotes does the rest! The unique features of HyperNotes allow you to jot down your notes in one place, saving you time and increasing your efficiency.

Write something…
Turn it into action

Create ‘To Do’ lists

in each of your scrapbooks: school, work, home, holidays etc. Set reminders for various tasks. HyperNote keeps track of your deadlines!

Make an appointment

without opening your calendar app. Simply jot down appointment details. HyperNotes will recognize your note as a ‘calendar entry’ and set the appointment in your Google calendar.

Keep a PhotoDiary

and capture precious moments. The photos in your PhotoDiary can be shared on several social sites, including Facebook and Google+.

Shopping lists

are easy! Use the barcode scanner to create shopping lists instantly! This way, you will never leave your shopping lists back home again!

Got a fantastic idea?

Jot it down! Saw something you like? Take a pic and make a note! No need to look for a pen or waste time opening several applications! HyperNotes makes your life easy by keeping everything in one place!