App Permissions Explained

This page explains in detail which Android app permissions are required by HyperNotes and more importantly: why are they required.

Precise location (GPS and network-based)

HyperNotes has a location tagging feature that stores your current GPS location alongside with your note. This information is optionally used for the photo diary feature in order to query the location address and current weather in your region from the online services and Both these services do not receive any identifying or other personal information from you other than the geo-location coordinates.

Modify / read your contacts

HyperNotes has a convenient feature for writing down contact information and quickly updating your contacts list. For making that work our app needs to be able to look at your contacts for finding existing entries. It also needs to be able to modify your contacts list for adding new contacts and changing existing ones.

This is only done when you explicitly confirm the according actions for modifying or adding contacts. In no event does HyperNotes use your contacts information for any other purpose than described above. Your data is yours and only yours!

Add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners’ knowledge

In technical terms this permission is actually briefly called “Write Calendar” which grants write access to a user’s calendar. This is also needed by HyperNotes for adding new events to your calendar.

This bit about “sending emails behind your back” is technically only an implicit consequence of the “Write Calendar” permission and is not and won’t be done by HyperNotes at all.

Read calendar events plus confidential information

In technical terms this permission is actually briefly called “Read Calendar” and grants read access to a user’s calendar. This is needed by HyperNotes for viewing and editing an already created calendar event.

Under no circumstances will HyperNotes “read your confidential information” and pass it on to anybody. Your data is yours and stays with you!

Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

In order to avoid that your precious “internal storage” gets cluttered with files, HyperNotes needs a way to save its photo files on the external “USB storage”. It does that in its own dedicated folder.

 Find accounts on the device

This permission is needed by HyperNotes for identifying Google user accounts on the device which qualify as storage targets for adding calendar events. HyperNotes makes use of the Google Calendar system. Therefore it is necessary to figure out the existing accounts.

Use accounts on the device

This permission is unfortunately necessary for allowing Google Calendar access for users of older Android versions (prior “Ice Cream Sandwich”) which do not have calendar access support out of the box. HyperNotes comes with its own Google Calendar access driver system. And it needs to use your Google account for logging in online into your Google account. Rest assured that this is not possible without your express consent. When HyperNotes tries to use your account for logging in you are presented with a special permission screen for allowing or denying access.

If you want to use HyperNotes’ calendar features on pre Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Android versions you’ll have to bite the bullet and allow that to happen. From ICS onwards you do not need to worry about this permission.

HyperNotes does not use this permission for any other purpose than logging into your Google Calendar account. It is technically not possible that HyperNotes can do that behind your back and it is also technically not possible that HyperNotes reads your Google password.

Full network access

This permission is needed for sending Internet queries to a weather and a location service and is only relevant for the photo diary feature.

Google Play license check

Well, we need to protect our stuff and check back with Google whether you really purchased our app.

View Network connections

HyperNotes tries its best not to waste your precious mobile data plan. It has a setting which disallows the use of the mobile data connection. But for checking whether the device is connected to a WLAN hotspot or the cell network provider’s data connection HyperNotes needs this permission.

Run at startup

HyperNotes offers notification reminders for to-dos. When you restart your device these reminders get lost. That’s a technical limitation in Android. In order to restore these reminders HyperNotes needs to get notified about the system startup.

HyperNotes will only briefly run to re-register the notification alarms and go to sleep again. No worries. It won’t be a hog on your precious battery life!

Read sync settings, read sync statistics, toggle sync on and off

This is only needed and used for the custom Google Calendar driver solution that kicks in on pre Ice Cream Sandwich Android devices. Our Google Calendar driver hooks into the system as a synchronization component. Therefore it is necessary to have control over these features. HyperNotes only uses these features on its own Google Calendar synchronization component. So no worries here.